2016 in Review

I know that 2016 was pretty rotten for a lot of people (not to mention a lot of inspirational people passing away) – but 2016 was a pretty fantastic year for me.

Jakk and I had an amazing two-month holiday in the USA, and got see a tonne of people we love, plus the bison, Yellowstone National Park and Hawaii.

I was getting emotional just looking at old photos – we’ll probably be heading back in 2018.

On my personal life side, the project work I’ve been doing has lead to a new senior role at work. You’ve probably noticed a drop off in my posting – apologies, I have a lot less spare time than I used to so I’m aiming for quality over quantity.

I’ve also just found out that I got accepted into University for this year, starting an MBA (squee). This is the girl who didn’t really finish high school, and hasn’t done any University study before.
To those in a similar boat I say don’t give up, there’s other ways to get into University and experience really counts.

Finished Outfits for 2016

No finished knitting for 2016 – but I have a lot of projects that should be finished off this year (hopefully).

While not hugely productive this past year, I really did focus on making tricky or time consuming clothing (including finally using metal boning).

From the left:

Now these blouses might not be tricky to make, but I’ve definitely turned out a lot of them (eight versions and counting). I think the pattern is my new go-to for blouses, and a great example of not trusting the envelope picture – it looks much better in real life.

Well, 2017 will hopefully continue in the same vein – and I hope you had a swell New Years!



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